The global supply chain is under assault

“Counterfeiting is a $600 billion dollar a year problem…”

International Association Against Counterfeiting

“In the United States…an estimated $30 billion in cargo is stolen annually…”

Inbound Logistics, “The Cargo Theft Threat,” January, 2010.

“[T]he most highly sought after shipments are pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, apparel, and food…”

Inbound Logistics, “The Cargo Theft Threat,” January, 2010.

“As much as 20% of all wine sold worldwide is counterfeit…”


An unfortunate side effect of today’s increasingly global marketplace is the explosion of product theft, spoilage, and especially – counterfieting. Whether you are a product manufacturer, shipper, supplier or retailer, the chance is good that you are suffering product loss and brand dilution in new and increasing ways. And, because all commerce is now global – every business is at risk.

Every Product is At Risk.

It is no surprise that expensive, high-end and designer products are targets for counterfieting. But, the fact is that today every type of product from toothpaste and window caulk to sophisticated medical and electronic equipment is counterfieted…and sometimes with deadly consequences. Consider these statistics…

Percentages of Types of Counterfeit Goods Seized by U.S. Customs Agents.  Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


is the solution.

The Panoptes Digital software track and trace system provides logistics security and product integrity assurance through…

  • Product Serialization
  • Global Web and Mobile Device Tracking and Tracing
  • Unlimited Consumer Authenticity Verification
  • Logistics Data Management

PANOPTES’ ground breaking supply chain security software is a web-based “software-as-a-service” product that performs individual item serialization, tracking and tracing at every point in the supply chain lifecycle.

PANOPTES supports every type of serialization and tagging.

Panoptes works with virtually every product imaginable.

PANOPTES delivers worldwide, real-time product tracking and data capture, from point of manufacture through delivery to the consumer and beyond.  With PANOPTES, you will enlist unlimited allies to help secure your supply chain and product integrity.  Any consumer, corporate employee or law enforcement officer with an Internet capable computer, tablet, or mobile device can immediately verify product location, status, and authenticity … at any time … from any place in the world.

Lower Inefficiency, Waste and Loss

PANOPTES resolves theft, brand dilution, inventory management, and a host of other problems for producers, distributors, and retailers.  It vastly improves supply chain management efficiency and communication, eliminates software redundancies, and lowers corporate software, distribution management, and regulatory compliance costs. Panoptes provides faster implementation, offsite software maintenance and updates, reduction in internal IT resources, 24/7 web access from any internet accessible location, and superior data storage and security.

Control Your Brand

PANOPTES’ consumer application is the ultimate tool for verifying product status and authenticity.  Now consumers can easily verify that they are buying the “real deal,” whether in a commercial purchase or a private sale, and from the convenience of any internet accessible computer or mobile device.  With PANOPTES, any law enforcement officer, regulatory official, or company representative can immediately verify the presence of stolen or counterfeit goods. PANOPTES invites millions of consumers worldwide to partner in your product integrity efforts.

Harness Data to Control Distribution

PANOPTES’ ability to monitor and record logistical metadata worldwide is a critical differentiator.  Only PANOPTES allows product originators, distributors, sellers and re-sellers to be linked together with seamless tracking and communication of logistics event data.  PANOPTES provides the real time data that is critical in the event of recalls or environmental excursions.

The ePedigree Solution

PANOPTES software is unique because it provides an overarching and complete solution to the international ePedigree regulatory challenge.  PANOPTES greatly enhances regulatory compliance, anti-counterfeiting measures, and product and supply chain safety.

The PD AssetTracker

PD AssetTracker is our newest product line.  The system flawlessly tracks corporate assets as they are deployed within the business, moving throughout the internal supply channels. The system utilizes any of our tag technologies to provide the corporate manager with oversight into the status and current location of high value corporate assets. Whenever these assets are moved, redeployed to a new facility or returned to the corporate office, the system follows the asset and creates a detailed report including the date, time and location collected during the most recent scan. It will also include any detailed comments provided by the supply manager.


The PD AssetTracker is available through the App Store.  Access to our proprietary database is restricted to customers only.  Please contact us through our online form for additional information regarding the PD AssetTracker and how it will benefit your business with better supply chain integrity.


Panoptes is a Tool for Everyone

PANOPTES DIGITAL’s software has applicability in every product industry – from perishable food, to garments, pharmaceuticals, designer items, electronics, industrial, medical and industrial equipment, toys, jewelry and more.


can help you…


• Achieve Supply Chain Integrity
• Prevent Product Loss, Spoilage, Theft
• Increase Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency
• Seamlessly Integrate Your Logistics Process Partners, Distributors, and Retailers
• Capture Big Data. Anywhere. Anytime.
• Achieve Total Logistics Intelligence
• Enhance Regulatory Compliance
• Protect Your Products
• Own Your Brand