About Panoptes Digital

Panoptes Digital was founded in 2013 by a core group of professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of domestic and international industries and public sector service, including: Information and physical security, logistics, software development, implementation and management, legal compliance, law enforcement, military and national security.  The Panoptes team is also uniquely experienced in pharmaceutical and supply chain compliance and security, and is growing its existing logistics “big data” capture, management, and analytics capabilities.


The Panoptes Legend

Argos Panoptes was one of many primeval gods of Greek mythology.  His name ‘Panoptes’ means the one who is “all-seeing,” and he was described as a giant with 100 eyes.  With eyes open at all times, Panoptes was assigned by Zeus to guard his lover, Lo.  He was also believed to protect people by killing monsters, including Echidna, an ancient half snake – half woman known as the “Mother of All Monsters.”