Our Products

Panoptes Digital provides supply chain and logistics management and security software.

Panoptes’ unique proprietary track and trace software system resolves logistics, product security, and counterfeiting challenges faced by manufacturers, distributors and retailers worldwide.

Panoptes software provides consumers with the ultimate product integrity verification tool.

Panoptes Digital delivers the innovative supply chain security solutions of the future – today.

Our Mission

At Panoptes our mission is as simple as it is bold – to empower unparalleled global supply chain security and consumer product integrity assurance. We will create the first unified, global product assurance partnership between manufacturers, distributers, retailers and consumers.

Our Vision

We believe manufacturers should receive the full benefit of their productivity, distributors the full reward for their efforts, and consumers the full value, security, and quality of their purchases.
A day is coming when product integrity and safety need no longer be an open question…a time when the sick need not die from counterfeit medicines and parents need no longer worry about the toothpaste they give their children…

With Panoptes Digital this day is upon us.